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Human is the dream of a shadow.

I am a Hellenic artist working and living in Athens. I studied Fine Art (BA) at the Athens School of Fine Arts and Digital Arts (MA). I explore time-space relationships with conceptual references in Heidegger’s Being and time, through a variety of mediums including digital arts, video and sound installations, sculpture, painting and photography. I have received several awards and distinctions including sculpture installation for national railways (2017), “Art Thira” sculpture installation (2014), Athens Science festival (2014), Research & Art Competition and Exhibition ICRI (2014), Hellenic participation in “London 2012 Olympic Sport & Art Contest”, the 5th prize in new media at “Florence Biennale” (2005), 4th prize Heineken Art at “Melina Merkouri” Athens culture space in 1996. my work has also exhibited at the “Black Duck” Athens art space, “Bellonio” culture space Santorini, and I have also participated in the 2nd Athens digital film festival (2012), International Film Festival in Patras (2011), International Biennale of Modern Art in Florence (2005) and International Comic Festival in Athens (2001).

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